Looking back on this project, there are many things I would have done differently. I would have come up with more criteria to evaluate cable news network websites, research the criteria prior to declaring them as criteria, and started on the project much earlier than I did now. This may have helped in developing a better system in to compare and contrast cable news network websites.

Having three criteria is not enough to say whether one cable news network website is better than an other one. I would have also done prior research on the criteria before defining them as a criterion. My first criterion was too broad to easily quantify. Bias can be derived by many different ways, slant language, missing information, audience could tell whether it is bias or not, etc. This criterion, although a very important factor when choosing a good cable new network website to follow, is too difficult to find accurate information on it. The second criterion also had a very similar problem. It is a very good idea to look into but it was lacking information on spending specifically on stories and news development not allowing me to create an accurate conclusion on with cable news network website spends more. The third criterion was perfect. There was plenty of information to support the last criteria and find information on both cable news networks. When it comes to time, I feel like I should have spent more time on the research and not procrastinated as much as I did. Even though there was not enough information on my criteria, I feel like I could have maybe changed some to be more specific with information that was more accessible to the public.

All in all, I believe that although I could have done many things to make this better, I don’t believe in the idea of having a single provider of information. No one cable news network website is going to be perfect, entertaining, unbiased, careful, informative, etc. With this being said if you get all your information and news from one source, then you will be missing relevant and important information that you may have been interested in knowing. At the end, just like one of my sources said, “you should try to get your news from a variety of sources. Variety here means variety in the media forms you choose and variety in the types of messages you choose.” No single source will be good enough to trust blindly. What I learned in this project is to use different sources with different ideas, ideologies, partisanship, etc and draw your own personal conclusions to get the most accurate answer.



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